The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 18 2018

Clues Answers
& 6 Take canned milk rambling and energy bar KENDALMINT
Cockney hide-and-seeker’s closer to catching carnivore? OTTER
Commonly asked what’s wrong in case review? SUMMINGUP
Crack international troops held in trial EXPERIMENT
Defeat one supporting business giants COLOSSI
Dread Stan Getz taking the lead for improvisation ANGST
Endless rain drenching Boys’ Brigade spiritual leader RABBI
Evidence of terrible gyp most absent good minute after SYMPTOM
Get stuck into butter GOAT
Greens producing King’s Head bitter KALE
Infectious disease mother’s keeping quiet MUMPS
Name a new strong cloth NANKEEN
Need publication to block writer’s evil art BLACKMAGIC
No end of tropical fruit heading for embarrassingly inflamed skin MANGE
Noted a wok used for Asian ritual TAEKWONDO
Old king’s sandwiches cleric heats gently CODDLES
Clues Answers
Rank info presented by gas supplier, say, not acceptable GENTILITY
Replace energy with oxygen at end of spree — it’s a risky game BINGO
See 6 Across CAKE
Seraglio guards awkwardly use punch lacking power EUNUCHS
Skin in sunshine notwithstanding, this is where to make the most of summer SEASIDE
Somewhat emphasise Mensa being shown up as unbeatable opponent NEMESIS
Stage show with Greek character on French lake is over MUSICAL
Stage that’s used by Oliver!? APRON
Stop what neglectful cat owner might do LEAVEITOUT
Subsequently had food, grasped in both hands LATER
Superhero is smooth operator? IRONMAN
Team consistently expected to operate at a high level AIRCREW
US serviceman stopping dieting regime with reason LOGICAL
Vintage oarsmen croaked in railway town? Some of this may be hearsay CREW
What cocky footballer did added spice to game perhaps? NUTMEGGED
Wrongly rue envy for one who was light on his feet NUREYEV

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