The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 19 2018

Clues Answers
Accepted view of forerunner of Seventies Music contains the odd loose ends ORTHODOXY
Arrive to collect missing centrepiece, and something it could go on in snug COMFORTABLE
Bats circling LOOPY
Big guns embracing introduction of international regulation ORDINANCE
Cleo’s killer caught after I clear stuff pork pies may conceal? ASPIC
Colloquially it’s a drag, losing old sword SABRE
Corrupted a great society — it’s enough to make you weep TEARGAS
Country estate perhaps first in bloom CARNATION
Description exposing fake jewel put up for quite a few pounds MEGATON
Express indifference towards quiet runner? SHRUG
In irrational optimism, invest billion in plant EUPHORBIA
Instrument breaking into jaunty air in Italian course RAVIOLI
It’s salty and impertinent, in essence, having a comeback NITRE
Judge you and me et al in process of declining REFUSAL

Clues Answers
Knock down property that’s the first in its block in double figures? FLATTEN
League clubs formed of any creed CONFEDERACY
Lock, perhaps, that was broken by journalists in DC WATERGATE
Malignant contents of package? BALEFUL
New love blossoming — the French story NOVELLA
One drawing building TOWER
One fighting for rights — urge staff to revise note SUFFRAGETTE
Online images perhaps for major stories EPICS
Perhaps flat round ordinary rods DOWELLING
Rule westerly part of Tangiers REIGN
To perform redundant beauty treatment, I’ll dye light bristles GILDTHELILY
To show respect, head of government cast vote for keeping rejected amusement GENUFLECT
Upright piano parts stolen, we suspect NEWELPOST
Voice of loudmouth warning of nebulous threat FOGHORN

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