The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 20 2018

Clues Answers
African extremists infiltrating south Caribbean SWAZI
Apple and some corn Mike put inside French bread PEARMAIN
Bird’s relative one recalled IBIS
Black fish that circles wrist BANGLE
Body of water dried up, eastern half first REDSEA
Boss’s stomach, in the past, heard by some STUD
Changed habit, when obtaining English journal around republic THEGAMBIA
Deserved first from schoolteacher in project JUST
Devise another furtive system to find fish in middle of creek RECODE
Endless crouching exercise beginning to drain group of soldiers SQUAD
Inflated the new ball Clair kicked around by river RHETORICAL
International winter sportsman, topless, that’s taken up manual therapy REIKI
Left shed grey OVERCAST
Maybe cabbage and bread the above regularly rejected BRASSICA
Minor worker raised Scotch, another alcoholic drink COGNAC
Clues Answers
Movement of crab perhaps that’s followed by Miami pedestrians SIDEWALK
Native American without fear, wandering untroubled CAREFREE
New Wave band playing extra-loud, unconfined, around five ULTRAVOX
Not the first batsman to suffer in present surroundings TAILENDER
Noxious Beatnik, without a cent, wearing headphones CANKEROUS
One describes a policeman, Jack, replacing Ernest on vacation ADJECTIVE
Part of arms deal’s ending, between global alliance and America ULNA
Posh lady’s deepish voice — it’s gone extremely sensuous BARONESS
Relish Hebridean island, except for current during journey GUSTO
Some of Observer’s reporting indeed associated with papers on Left EYELID
Sound of puff adder’s fellow creature, enraged ASPIRATE
Team’s set on fire part of the match after runs by Boycott BLACKBURNROVERS
TV sitcom’s revolting commercial turned over by house member RISINGDAMP
Very cold, heartless Greek detains religious adherent ARCTIC

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