The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 24 2018

Clues Answers
A car this aristocrat damaged could end up in Barcelona NOBLE
Accommodating model, ban emailing about clothes AMENABLE
Agreement that’s new between man and worker? COVENANT
Broadcast fake animal noise material CHAMBRAY
Dives and attacks rocket coming in FLEAPITS
Draw carnivore in empty lorry LOTTERY
Drew, perhaps, lines in horrible amber with gold filling BARRYMORE
Dummy providing current r�sum� turned up for packaging PACIFIER
Female hears criminal will host Top of the Pops? FATHERS
Find anagram behind row REARRANGE
Gather while mum’s inside AMASS
Guard nameless customer, 50 PATROL
Harmless drugs with rank smell succeeded PLACEBOS
Heat to make hard plastic tile — plastic! BAKELITE
Inane half of Sex Pistols song that’s not pretty? VACANT
Clues Answers
Lousy, abrasive brass tacks NITTYGRITTY
Old-fashioned rings worn by short male relative UNCOOL
One blue play about Republican TORY
One with Irish roots and reggae on ship? DUBLINER
Order to reverse how numbers appear on clock? ABOUTFACE
Part of Steps flee with H’s neighbour RUNG
Room at home to accommodate the French official CHAMBERLAIN
Sailor with terribly fat behind ABAFT
School actors in online recording PODCAST
See you with two extras BYEBYE
Silver monkey with open mouth AGAPE
Snakes finally eat crow BOAST
Soft rock, like Bonham’s number one with Plant ALABASTER
Wild animal in estate, say, one about to lose coat CARIBOU
Writer promoted one’s birthday cakes IBSEN

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