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The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
A group of soldiers occupying hollow, brooking no opposition PEREMPTORY
Agreed with recording 50 in wild golf scoring STROKEPLAY
Astronomical phenomenon having source in Taurus (or somewhere exotic) METEORSHOWER
At this time doctor, in second bit of surgery, will make bloomer SNOWDROP
Before I have browsed around, I must accompany fool getting postage stamp DEFINITIVE
Curtailed part of journey, making something like a slip SHORTLEG
Dancer’s step going round rear of mud flats? PADS
Difficult situation crossing a couple of states? TEST
Fail to emphasise meat marketing slogan? MINCEMATTERS
Good service ultimately lacking in stamina GRIT
I step back, accommodating cold in Arctic region ICECAP
Iceberg seen amongst local floes CALF
Innovative idea about a remote island animal reserve SAFARIPARK
Just over line, leading to end of rally ONLY
Clues Answers
Love rejected options for end to silence EROS
Old newspaper provided when turning up for the singing barber FIGARO
Points in support of the rest of the ascetics? BEDOFNAILS
Sanction a note mostly querying source of downfall BANANASKIN
Security duty cut after article ANCHOR
Showing religious response, always masked by tear REVERENT
Songwriter’s inclination? PENCHANT
Strangely unreal energy about sections of film showing astronomical phenomenon LUNARECLIPSE
Succeeded blocking trainers, perhaps, over challenge to make an appearance SHOWONESFACE
Summer temperature more warm, though not at first TOTTER
Toast appears to pop up without repetition SKOL
Trees closely packed around lake in the dawn FIRSTLIGHT
Water vessel’s rudder initially where the rudder usually is RAFT
Wretch regularly found in abandoned doorway is allowed in the street ROADWORTHY