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The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
& 3 Down & 23 Across: Song girl looking for pocket high on rocks (4,2,3,3,4,8) LUCYINTHE
‘Oom-Pah-Pah’ most definitely this voiced character SONANCY
… as sesame paste turning in filling for big pork pie? TAHINI
… emerge from striking Old Master uncannily pure GERMFREE
… for model, the same PROSIT
10 games ago, set about 24 SIXPENCE
100 6, represented here, beat Yard POUND
A walk in the park keeps hospital’s chief in good health … CHINCHIN
Arrogant Chicory Tip pulling backing bands UPPITY
Bathing lotion represented by column 13 answer? TANNER
Centre missing from level in column 4 answer? FLORIN
Elementary, next one vintage, cycling RUTHENIC
Foreign correspondent’s page on lost plane PENPAL
Here things can suddenly change college learner, when on germanium diet? CLIFFEDGE
Lets slip out and down PASSESUP
Clues Answers
Like slippery character, face covered: how one gains access? EASILY
Lump of bread in chilli con carne maybe rather odd … DROLLISH
Means to reproduce (small melon), but raise temperature, hospital! PARTHENOGENESES
Northern range, not Northern change PENNIES
Painting is about to come back to life … IRISES
Sad song, perhaps, delivered from the ground? DIRGE
See 7 Down SKYWITH
Soprano fell in with pair who produced opera pieces, historically SHILLINGS
Spooneristic torturers of driver from the Hall — having overlooked his? ROADTAX
The worst and the best part of the race PITSTOP
Vague possibility slip (but not square leg) might take this? OFFCHANCE
What may be featured on map is overlooking hell for parched walker? ISOBARS
You’ll find many of my charges low (& 3 monstrous!) NEATHERD