The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 3 2018

Clues Answers
100cm left to bring in IMPORT
Abandon thread STRAND
Asian shortly returning OMANI
Bloomer turning up after partners’ howler WEREWOLF
Deserter after little time in action, defiled DESECRATED
Down finished, ready to go up? FULLYFLEDGED
Drop fruit with force PLUMMET
Flier secreted in another newspaper ERNE
Fundamental character of guru exalted, lifted UPRAISED
Games ultimately lacking heart, 0-0 SCORELESS
Header from back — game’s completely gone BLOTTO
Inflatable gear, its user super spaced out? PRESSURESUIT
Luminary in club elected for promotion CELEB
Match ends in whitewash, so cry sportingly? TALLYHO
Clues Answers
Middle of hole in region close to border of a ringed zone AREOLAR
Mistake with slowing investment for those at home? BRITISH
Model fits shape for spread FISHPASTE
Much to pay towards standard packaging figure TOPDOLLAR
Note death, note tremble! DEMISEMIQUAVER
Pass through Rome’s outskirts the night before REEVE
Practical type working tediously for queen DOITYOURSELFER
Second of four series of shots down the throat ORALLY
Shakespearean protagonist one’s played VIOLA
Skilful touch originally supplied from the right DEFT
Thoroughbreds stood around in bar BLOODSTOCK
Thoroughly beat repulsive cavalier PULVERISE
Trouble infiltrating gangs in bars RAILINGS
Visor certainly owned, see, though not at first, on the periphery EYESHADE

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