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The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 4 2018

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Clues Answers
A huge stream of opposing points circling perpetually SEVERN
Acclaim oddly lacking given medic’s uphill struggle CLIMB
Coach cuts in stupidly, closing right up INSTRUCT
Comic in middle of cold call; reversing that is unauthorised WILDCAT
Counterfeit abridged books overlooked FORGOT
Couturier with a degree shows model in 3D DIORAMA
Cut off in kind of wing, left evacuated children DETACH
Ditch ex cathedra intervention DRAIN
Drop piece in grim game HANGMAN
Echo reaches painless climax RESPEAK
Frenzied dancer conceivably shivered upon withdrawal of a tablet WHIRLINGDERVISH
Front member wishing to have short requiem FORELEG
Got up and breakfasted perhaps on salmon? ROSEATE
Heavenly creature from Spenser: Aphrodite SERAPH
Clues Answers
I frolic madly among maidens in diminutive photos! MICROFILM
In at number 11 �- no rabbit though — bats with talent — us lot faltering LASTBUTNOTLEAST
Make it snappy? LOOKSMART
Narrow squeak when gaining on girl NEARMISS
Occasion when English knight has sex? ENGENDER
Predacious type in water rakes thigh — beat it! GREATWHITESHARK
Runs joint enterprises COOPS
Scripture saying nothing about one being unshockable RESILIENT
Setter I teased with article in paper TREATISE
The setter’s opposed to European judge IMAGINE
This compiler had erected tower on summit of eminence — for worship IDOLISE
Water board question a project in outskirts of Ambleside AQUAPLANE
Wave detectors using complex earpieces — lots do RADIOTELESCOPES
Wool lacking lanolin and making attire, primarily LLAMA