The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 5 2018

Clues Answers
… arising from affaire, it’s ultimately more passionate LUSTIER
Beaten by scoundrel without once dropping odds CANED
Break up about love without love CALVE
Feline ace to finish hard harnessing explosive energy CHEETAH
Follow logic without principal around university ENSUE
Force men on ship, half cut SCREW
Free spare time holding nearly glacial sweetheart EXTRICATE
French courtesy seeing drunk English in gang POLITESSE
Ginger beer half knocked back’s flat, admits husband REDHEAD
Grand opening not ending trembling heart EPICENTRE
Hardline former Tories meet occasionally EXTREME
Independent’s petition for publication ISSUE
Long story after single call flipping ends ILIAD
Marine’s brutal, taking area with force SEAFARING
One could be one PRONOUN
Palace in Italy stripped back, Pope finally managed LATERAN
Clues Answers
Particular potato topping for each, full of beans CHIPPER
Passion, oddly ardent, getting into hot water … MADNESS
Pillage of French land besieging leader from Paris DESPOIL
Principally masculine sort like this with power? No MILKSOP
Queen raised under house housing cold staff SCEPTRE
Sailor back out East quit ABSCOND
Stout heart receives tug, almost not heartless CORPULENT
Study period in India ends TERMINI
Swing door needing oil, we hear TRAPEZE
Term of endearment? It legitimises embracing ENTITLE
Total of love-god mounting when touring clubs SCORE
Untiring church without support when bishop leaves CEASELESS
Usually least tolerant radical activist initially ULTRA
Why the woman’s iron’s returned, corroded outside WHEREFORE
With a facility consuming globules, small to start ABSORBENT
Wretched worker takes good advance being promoted HANGDOG

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