The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 6 2018

Clues Answers
A drugs bust on base for soldiers FOOTGUARDS
Counsellor recreating past times probing that man in regression EXHORTER
Flash knight regarded as wealthy MONEYED
Flying to dam, three choppers fully equipped for battle ARMEDTOTHETEETH
Frenziedly knocked up curry, ignoring beginning of recipe AMOK
Half serving of bran added to grain of loaf CEREBRAL
Heard man is jet-skier? GEYSER
Honey’s regularly used in food of islanders FAROESE
IT equipment timed out initially, parking under tree PALMTOP
Lacking height, birds about to join ‘V’ in rising PEASANTSREVOLT
Mickey Mouse beat Dumbo up TINPOT
Much appreciate major bank in rest area LAYGREATSTOREBY
Neglected jockey outflanked UNTALKEDOF
One played Juliet with pressure, after he was playing Romeo JEWSHARP
Clues Answers
Overthrown queen left guards VANQUISHED
Pawn book voucher PLEDGER
Plants with no uses for carnivore CROC
Poem working in a way, uplifted nation RONDEAU
Prescribed drug, complain about gaining weight PROZAC
Relative lifting a drink, that’s plausible ADDSUP
Ridicule Geordie, perhaps, with no time for his community LAMPOON
Ripped physique without extremely hefty arms EQUIPS
Sent back bloodstained boxing glove, last in sale REMITTED
Small shiner resulting from aggressive brawl according to Spooner FAIRYLIGHT
Strangled by tall youth at sea, Blackbeard should have been more careful THATLLTEACHYOU
Swallow sad, feathers not working DOWN
Sweet and sour in starters of the Eastern eateries TOFFEE
Trend from Shoreditch not totally revolutionary TIDE

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