The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 1 2018

Clues Answers
A blue jean occasionally can be capital ABUJA
A reduced flavour in jelly ASPIC
A risk is diverted with this greeting? AIRKISS
Become less trouble when aristocrat’s around TAILOFF
Betrays sex, surrendering kiss for 50 pound settlement at first SELLS
Clever St Martin extracts broken metal SMART
First of July gone, fly if nice jet’s arranged economically EFFICIENTLY
Food not off, no opening for bitter disgrace DISHONOUR
Girl takes on commander-in-chief of the highest rank CLASSIC
Immigration site’s measure is repeatedly light ELLISISLAND
In a deceptive way, have little in silly EU supply ELUSIVELY
Insensitive person vacantly read my cheap novel PACHYDERM
Laurie’s girl discovered crook ROSIE
Looking at rear, Donne’s animated ENDON
Clues Answers
Madonna is frequently topless without notice OURLADY
Offered protection, the woman left note, apparently ashamed SHELTERED
Old soldier consumes nice bubbly ANCIENT
Philosopher enthralled by trips to Iceland STOIC
Plant weapon concealed by church freemen every now and then CEDARTREE
Rage follows Sid reversing former confusion DISTEMPER
Repair ships trapped in centre of Sweden EMEND
Sentence in chapter applied to winner, or not? CONVICT
Shrewd dean’s embracing company people in a higher office ARCHDEACONS
Space commander flew by and circled ENCOMPASSED
Stick fast with Susan, possessing a surfeit with no backer SUPERGLUE
To idolise cat is ailurophile’s end LIONISE
Uncovered Greco paintings for kicks RECOILS
Way of recording gold stamp involves old bug AUDIOTAPE

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