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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 14 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Woo’ in ‘wood’ SPOON
A hundred per cent courageous? Definitely not! NOFEAR
After ribbons, goes into ‘Ornamental Fabrics’ TAPESTRIES
Air when weather’s dry for a while ONEFINEDAY
Animal with unidentified crest APEX
Annoys, coming over underhand for no reason NEEDLESSLY
Attacks: achieves no result TURNSON
Catch it? I will dodge blame TRAP
Checks rules for pronunciation REINS
Christmas reindeer for nipper DASHER
Created big trouble, Adam and Eve did RAISEDCAIN
Did it not survive being left in sealed container in a box? DEADLETTER
Dream of father and Ireland back together REVERIE
Drunk, orders a nip and decides things irrevocably PREORDAINS
For money swindles, one’s imprisoned COINS
Going on and on without a goal ENDLESS
Clues Answers
Ice on road, it’s something motorists should avoid CONE
Jokes made by girls who are namesakes? SALLIES
Leaves in garden, which is wise SAGE
Look for sign of life in nest? PEEP
Lower by half dear newspapers DEPRESS
Mix with criminal class CONSORT
Not running if conditions are wet COLOURFAST
Nut stuffing for salmon dish ALMOND
Sees a blended netting right to get blots out ERASES
Sees pessimists must be only fifty per cent wrong SPIES
Snare set to catch me, calls again RENAMES
Take your time DOASTRETCH
Turning up, cooked something to eat EDAM
Very good, for instance, to trap build-up of lint SAINTLY
Vitamin in dog food? BONE
Without the heaters, knitted muffs keep them warm EARS