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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 15 2018

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Clues Answers
Animal in elevated position heard female HYENA
Bible book showing last character in generation EZRA
Break in — sound pleased about it outside IRRUPT
Chain letter read out on radio SIERRA
Coin once passed round in secret session SESTERCE
Coward’s circle in place with Scottish links POLTROON
Detective faked news — it’s in Observer EYEWITNESS
Fabric salesman in City travelling west CREPE
Grilled deer rotating in pieces INTERROGATED
High Church breaking contract for event STEEPLECHASE
Instrument son on air plays with restrained piano? Sopranino
Invite VIPs to get free background check POSITIVEVETTING
Is it shot through with cinnamon and raisins? TURNOVER
Jack for instance performing in 60 Minutes HONOUR
Japanese fighter in love ZERO
Man inside cries out bad news SICKENER
Passion ultimately consumed groom NEATEN
Patronised and desperate in South Atlantic SPONSORED
Put aside shilling given to communist STORED
Riviera location here in France, and house in Florence MEDICI
Scraps in shower after match? CONFETTI
Security provider with stock to plunder RIFLE
Shark, maybe clever, cleaned out Fleet Street boss CREDITOR
Sport’s scheduled for autumnal shade RUSSET
Tragic scene wrong in European traditions ELSINORE
Two letters mentioned outrageous act EXCESS
Very quiet shopping centre? PIANISSIMO
Vicious about God, priest and PM twice DISRAELI