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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Abstinent stand above nearly everyone swallowing dram TEETOTAL
American prisons in Seattle emptied creating tension SUSPENSE
Aristocrat tipped domestic welcoming his unlimited friendliness BONHOMIE
Army enlisting only regulars may train aide MYRIAD
Article survives containing Holmes’s last monograph THESIS
Bitter man not gutted about romance being rejected MALEVOLENT
Brings missing female and eats in ETCHES
Fish about to return around River Plate TRENCHER
Ghostly ship appears after ‘Blood’ yielded, oddly BODILESS
Join bishops perhaps after church time CEMENT
Let off former wife, single, half-heartedly betrayed EXONERATED
Look slightly hurt, usually following trivial insult initially SHUFTI
Loud new look over time catches up STENTORIAN
Musical piece plump diva finally accepts before tenor OPERETTA
One is found inside vacant lavatory TOILET
Pierce middle of blockages blocking drain SKEWER
Process delicious food, some say MANNER
Put on some jeans wearing sort of shirt TELEVISE
Screeching tail of Polaris missile STRIDENT
Set up sweetheart following accident pinching bottom PREARRANGE
Some batted in pairs and left with trophy LASHES
Some sprint on in game, repeating mantra? INTONING
Stands? It’s hard in wellingtons, possibly BOOTHS
Surface, say, engineers turned over EMERGE
The old old bloke really eviscerated militia YEOMANRY
TV show, terribly masculine, covering sex clubs SITCOM
Unavoidably detained by worshipper for celebration PERFORCE
Very French, revolting in fact, showing neglect DESERTED