The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 2 2018

Clues Answers
Carnivore managed to devour joint in company RACCOON
Clergyman’s residence having play area on the right RECTORY
Cries broadcast around pub, as football shown? SPHERIC
Current bill in chain store’s erroneous INEXACT
Designer label man’s displayed around posh clubs repeatedly GUCCI
Film attempt on sporting range using wood initially ELMERGANTRY
Flew high in the air, called for landing zone once SWORD
Flicking up cigarette lighter reveals a habit GILET
French king and queen welcoming street party ROISTER
Imagined circle of servicemen accompanying Queen during lunch, say EQUATOR
Island capital with unorthodox religion’s rebuffed STLUCIA
Jump off bus, excitedly touring railway and dock FOSBURYFLOP
Leslie Allen regularly supports this country music player, alternatively UKELELE
Male, with neglected clothing, is this? UNKEMPT
Clues Answers
Night-watchman might do such training in IT? NETPRACTICE
Penniless in the extreme — money from abroad’s in the mail POOREST
Relocated residents, concerned with drugs, end westernmost OVERSPILL
Rob, on road, redirected motorists with flag CARJACK
Seaside entertainment venue with rubbish clown PIERROT
Security expert’s hair thing that’s not real, by all accounts LOCKSMITH
See one’s trellis primarily supporting white rose YORKIST
Shade obscures edge of Great Bear STAND
Skirting unknown circuit following learner, stick fuel in Capri? CALZONE
Some of rigging crew returned to land in vessel familiarly MAINSHEET
Son, for second time on social media site, creates a storm TWISTER
Spanish cleaner directed false lies against pensioner CASTILESOAP
Travel north tucking into food well past its sell-by date? FARGONE
With one getting bitten, mate runs for restoring immunising agent ANTISERUM

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