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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Allow scores initially, indefinite number in effect SANCTION
Comfortable, Arsenal perhaps laid back? SNUG
Dog I catalogue as boxer PUGILIST
Drawer in rest home has gone to be repaired HORSESHOEMAGNET
First glimpse of white rabbit, say? A big one WHOPPER
Growing problem in Chaucer’s era — and BC, conceivably? MIDDLEAGESPREAD
Harness one draws up? HALTER
Hold edges of lens in possible source of light? NELSON
Long saga heroic, dullish tale ends ACHE
Medic cut through the ear? DOC
Odd bits falling off rustier truck UTE
Old covers on old American book EXODUS
On securing a fastener, taking off LEAPING
One mad to secure leadership of Rome? NERO
One making a whirlwind visit ruined a party TORNADO
Pitcher’s verbal for a period in sport CHUKKA
Primate stealing heart of valued dog SALUKI
Prowler back, I go quiet TACITURN
Punk’s relative featuring in home movie EMO
Putrid preserve in blue STINKY
Shot — bang! BASH
Signs of simmering mouse alive in dish? BUBBLEANDSQUEAK
Some idle man endlessly knocked back the hard stuff ENAMEL
Spooner’s vessel down in trough filled with disinfectant SHEEPDIP
State time for contact MESSAGE
Tennis winner, smashing ACE
Walter’s nemesis incensed me then, a rowdy DENNISTHEMENACE
Wonderful windy burps inspiring laureate in the end SUPERB