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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Arrive at not so hot spot INFERNO
Avoid lift in American truck DODGEPICKUP
Baffled actor Wayne becomes batty here GOTHAM
Check filling for pesto panini STOP
Contemplative being in a field? RUMINANT
Cool card representing devotional organisation FANCLUB
Cries: ‘Supply food!’ Sausages or ice cream perhaps to be delivered CATERWAULS
Devise new layout for tamer novel REFORMAT
Differentiate between scallion and shallot to show familiarity with the subject KNOWONESONIONS
Flimsy scenery, reportedly, for profitable screening? PAYPERVIEW
Forget beans turning mouldy in Hungarian dish BEEFSTROGANOFF
Old, old bottles, in other words lacking spares EXEMPTS
One gets power from these rabbit items on the menu GASMAINS
One is writer with odd feet IAMBIC
Order ban on latex to be unlevied NONTAXABLE
Pal wanting a bit of a jaw CHIN
Religion is manacling misbehaving ANGLICANISM
Sample of non-inflammable reversible silk fabric NINON
Simultaneously going my way? INPARALLEL
Sorry trail’s end has been lost, backtracking OOPS
Split where 19th-century humor can be found INTWAIN
Stan grabs Ollie carelessly losing back-end of pantomime horse STALLION
Stuff consumed in all quarters but west SATEEN
Tidies formal afterthought PRIMPS
What can be regularly spotted among buffoons? UFOS
What Cliff could shout out in each of six decades — it’s a record EYECHART
Wrongdoers chatter on board STALKERS
Yum, a mighty absorbing tastebud tickler UMAMI