The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 23 2018

Clues Answers
A Latin, I could be ____ ITALIAN
A new list in connection with what might get diner going ANTIPASTO
Accept joint SHOULDER
Additional stretch of spandex trackies EXTRA
Bin what’s left of dopey donkey’s pics IMAGES
Drink America does fizzy, keeping cold ICECREAMSODA
Egghead uncle a little upset INTELLECTUAL
European flipping satisfies in this respect ESTEEM
Financial millstone? For northerners the joke is in again MORTGAGE
Fine opening for Holloway’s Emirates, say HAIRLINE
Flag day lacking upturns DROOP
Herbs resulting in constant rash CHIVES
Horror witnessed by a townie in Helen’s home? ATROCITY
I teach set artfully about principle of taste AESTHETIC
In effect ally removed objets d’art VIRTU
Indispensable couple with Omani bread MATERIAL
Martial artist clasping one that’s central to nunchucks? CHAIN
Pans close to your driers? ROASTS
Rhubarb gin gets applause, coming first CLAPTRAP
Run on yarn from the east I have for auntie, possibly RELATIVE
Several ibuprofen, perhaps NUMBER
Special sourdough sandwiches too ALSO
Stand for salesperson dispatched again REPRESENT
Strong edict from the Vatican BULL
Talk of merit ORATE
This article, it turned up on Queen Anne’s head? TIARA
Turn to in helping cycle ROTATION
Who later rued straying? ADULTERER
Wind causing poor visibility over east end of Wirral MISTRAL
Work provisionally on the French tabernacle TEMPLE

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