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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 24 2018

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Clues Answers
A piece of cake, means to keep one sick PLAINSAILING
Advantage, over two days, small ODDS
Around 50, heart problem TICKLER
Artist makes sacred tree sketch GAINSBOROUGH
Baby alarm CONCERN
Call dog a small carnivore RINGTAIL
Cards left and right, for example MARCHINGORDERS
Check the author is into informal writing LIMIT
Control for audio book VOLUME
Curses motherland? DAMNATION
Cut up frozen line POLICY
Dying criminal seen as long-lost ONONESLASTLEGS
Filly tied with old rope LASSO
Indian city rain disrupted farming? AGRARIAN
Maiden in divine area by lake INAUGURAL
Nice short hairdo available in black PERSONABLE
Prayer offered when a new setter joins us ANGELUS
Quite slow, and pro-acceptance? ANDANTINO
Riot gear — wrong parts RISING
River duck last to hibernate NILE
Rockets currently do within ship SNOWBALLS
Sibling in comfortable uniform CONSISTENT
Supply an online joke, as it were? EQUIP
To a man on the farm, highest building? BARNONE
Train snapped — that’s the boring part DRILLBIT
Type of motor found in reservoir SERVO
Tyrant’s ability to sense breaking point DESPOT
Watch drunken orgy after broadcast SENTRYGO