The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 28 2018

Clues Answers
Adam’s boy is found in school, under the influence of a drug COCAINISED
Carol, girl being protected in a dead-end location? SIDING
Come down to back section of hospital board ENTRAIN
Die, concealing one desire PASSION
Elevated notes may be associated with such old-maidish love PRIMO
Endlessly configuring new group of languages FINNOUGRIC
English playwright with a line to indicate a type of movement TRAVERSAL
European from Portugal, 21 LAPP
Foot of old companion jammed in box? TROCHEE
Habit of soldiers in revolt APPAREL
Horrid home, a ramshackle pile HAEMORRHOID
Hover, as 22 Down looking over gallery LEVITATE
Hurry __ come down to see a wicked thing! RUSHLIGHT
I don’t like that semi-fervour for drink BOOZE
I mess about, surprisingly unlikely to get sozzled ABSTEMIOUS
Journey once given page at start of book? EXPEDITION
Much-bigger-than-average Welsh girl who wrote poetry OSSIAN
Nasty smell around, only with perfume added not as evident as before OBSOLESCENT
New businesses __ do they win prizes at agricultural shows? STARTUPS
Notice clumsy worker being grabbed __ without hesitation, a nasty guy STINKPOT
Painter and others like him spending time with economists MONETARISTS
Point made by seductive woman at higher level? WEST
Sage will lose his heart readily SOON
Shed you found flooded by river OUTHOUSE
Singer’s key ring ALTO
Speak freely as writer engaged by academic publisher OPENUP
Superior person in the ascendant, by gum __ one to bring purity PASTEURISER
Tripe as breakfast food? WAFFLE

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