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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Single maiden should go around clubs’ is the wrong thing to say SOLECISM
… note redesign of raiment and stop TERMINATE
A failure to retain speed — right? — implied encumbrance ALBATROSS
Be understudy to lead in Caesar — done with a lot of class COVERFOR
Coppers arresting a second group of politicians CAUCUS
Court accepting airmen will display skill CRAFT
Disaster unknown amongst various calm acts CATACLYSM
Exhausted from diving without limits ALLIN
Final gathering in support of would-be union member HENPARTY
Flower border captured in writing PRIMROSE
Food container from Berlin perhaps with two bits swapped MANGER
Good wishes given by every expert? ALLTHEBEST
Group avoiding cold dip BATH
Helping of ragout — a colourful exotic food TACO
It answers query with third of riders misbehaving Stewardsenquiry
One bad deed leading to a lot of fun SINGLE
Pigment that is kept in tin and almost overturned SIENNA
Protest, being on strike with regular appearances from Corbyn OUTCRY
Put figure on new source of trade if investing in wharf QUANTIFY
Radio report mentioning actual coastline LITTORAL
Reasonable justification for entertainment centre FAIRGROUND
Remain lost, losing heart STAY
Rise, having adopted Republican party GROUP
Snake in study died, covered by three articles ANACONDA
Special redesign of raiment for a fresh taste … SPEARMINT
Sudden return of detectives, apprehending scoundrel imprisoning mother DRAMATIC
Take stock, with stone being thrown into convention RUSTLE
The French provided upset surrounding northern match FINAL
Top copy having indication of mistake APEX