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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 3 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Sorry’ uttered without ego SAD
A response primarily covering all points? ANSWER
Check for slips, dwelling on interior to residence PROOFREAD
Climbing nuts endlessly imagine San Francisco’s peaks, days away from explicit source of its instability? SANANDREASFAULT
Defender’s point, having a jersey on APOLOGIST
Demand exotic incense MADDEN
Denial overturned with regular bans: it needs wholly positive input for positive result AND
Disgraceful ring English degree holder infiltrates DEGRADING
English title for a woman’s letters EMS
Falsify rejection of corrupt fake DOCTOR
From last game, staying in charge for medical treatment OFFICINAL
Listen to jazz track on vinyl GROOVE
Most senior set led dancing ELDEST
No angel, not polite, not without love and not wise IMPRUDENT
One no longer playing Othello in West Country area? EXMOOR
Clues Answers
One offers protection to head straight across wood HELMET
Painting, frequently run work, is up for art collection PORTFOLIO
Prophet’s book somehow hazier about church area ZECHARIAH
Reckless driving enthusiast that’s beginning to block motorway route MRTOAD
Scary cocktail containing acid STARTLING
See edict otherwise abandoned by Edward V VICTOR
Showing envy and gluttony, encompassing mounting lust and ending in pride GREENEYED
Slow-moving peak and hollow converge to the centre TORPID
Some Tutsi, e.g., tie Zulus to the West’s periodic ethos ZEITGEIST
Stage with live backing ERA
Support over opening line on tactical information LINTEL
Terrible tedium overwhelming in last month’s host MULTITUDE
Trying to engage current soldiers, skilled in bonding unit? Experimentation
What might be interpreted as matter for informal sport RUGGER
Wife mostly wearing decoration for walk GOMISSING