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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 7 2018

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Clues Answers
A sure thing in such as Oxford pub, we hear SHOOIN
Crowds in sea-going vessels? RAFTS
Daily sex could be a problem in Reading DYSLEXIA
Detectives on about drink CIDER
Dull article, one penned by prisoner INANIMATE
Edit to E.T. rang true ONTARGET
Finally see criminal trashing one of three particular houses EARTHSIGN
Golf before fishing? Awkward! GANGLING
Half-hearted note providing Eastern holiday destination TENERIFE
Heartless star hosting British priest and composer SIBELIUS
Hellish idol’s boring, without note BAAL
In addition, the Marines will be in tumult FURTHERMORE
Jerk carrying newspaper is sad TRAGIC
Last stage in ‘honest’ villain kidnapping Frenchman IMAGO
Love cigarette — ultimately smoke eighteen? OFAGE
Clues Answers
Make a turnover that’s somewhat stupendous UPEND
Paul possibly bitter about job APOSTLE
Plant and flower, slender inside OLEANDER
Relent and spend badly? Brilliant RESPLENDENT
Show catch in safety feature AIRBAG
Show trickster safe bet CONCERT
Shy, waited again? RESERVED
Son involved with this attack could make inroads RAID
Son quietly leaves tooth SPROCKET
State ‘Red Army’s left’ FLORIDA
Talk about what may be cast second DISCUSS
Those elected facing first demand INSIST
Unpleasant attack OFFENSIVE
Wager husband will leave queen for dramatic social climber ELIZA
Worker announced Arab greeting HANDSHAKE