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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 8 2018

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Clues Answers
… in its early weeks showing something noble towards nearly everyone NEONATAL
An interruption like this is in the air GLOTTAL
Arrives with intent to imbibe ENDSUP
Attack from fliers in mostly worrying situation STRAFE
Back in cool gite? Cool, yes, but different lodgings! IGLOO
Beaks tut too about laws in general Statutebook
Blarney Stone’s summit – senior citizen’s below SOAP
Bottle extraordinary soup – it’s a chef d’oeuvre! MAGNUMOPUS
Cast’s material could make opera stars flip insanely PLASTEROFPARIS
Eating out, it’s on the menu TAGINE
Faithful wife given pound tip to embrace pole dancing PENELOPE
Heartless devil deserts suckers in lounges LOLLOPS
Hip operation on Ned ends in outright disaster; misery all round TRENDY
Hood’s lady-friend cuddling Charlie — old boxer MARCIANO
Clues Answers
It’s said Karenin’s wife handled a serpent ANACONDA
It’s to go — remove! TAKEAWAY
Joint where Kate’s first’s born … KNEE
Live on street that’s most desirable BEST
Musketeers perhaps enjoying spot of tawny port TRIO
One can gain entry to remarkable bloke’s monument OBELISK
Order to Harlequins’ backs, maybe: ‘Help with lifting!’ BLOCKANDTACKLE
Potter’s implement (British) given space alongside spear BROOMSTICK
Skimming device made from wet hide, mostly WATERSKI
Surprisingly worn pipes to outlets POWERPOINTS
Trim last of shrubs on bank? SLENDER
Where ‘H’ and ‘C’ are seen to be available? ONTAP
With energy control not working — raised in Cabinet CHIFFONIER
Young abstainers given cynic’s wedding-ring? BandofHope