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The Telegraph – Toughie – Aug 9 2018

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Clues Answers
, 17 Across & 22 Down Drama rude men might miss playing? AMIDSUMMER
Attempt to get married in ceremony POMP
Checks rubbish journalist brought back to office REINSTATED
Craftsman well employed in isle MASON
Creature almost set problem POSSUM
English trade union parts open to bribery later EVENTUAL
Enraged a cuckoo at 3 GADARENE
Frequent condition of Dad’s Army — Dads protecting country admitting limits of civilians in it PANICSTATIONS
Having feelings that are confused and vile, Batman wavers AMBIVALENT
Is cold, got sunk, being punished with such mediaeval devices? DUCKINGSTOOLS
It could give singer toehold in career THEGONDOLIERS
It’s morally right holding indefinite number of races ETHNICAL
King, say, captured by violent pope GREGORY
Later stages of airport project THROW
Clues Answers
Lie in certain position round top of head? It does PORKPIEHAT
More than one helping what are carried out in toy hospital? DOLLOPS
Remains on team keeping united RESIDUE
Scheme cutting out middleman regularly IDEA
See 8 Down DREAM
See 8 Down NIGHTS
Striking fear in first section of prison? AWING
Studio location of horror film with final bits cut ELSTREE
Taxation prole dodges providing that little luxury OPTIONALEXTRA
The mob’s taking cut — be doubly alert about it HOIPOLLOI
Time philosopher collected things before a match TROUSSEAU
Unpleasant smell gathering all over one kind of cheese HALLOUMI
US armed police unit was sent out on time SWAT
Year engaged in reflecting unhappy times DAYS