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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,145 – Dec 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Airline wiped PIN in error WINDPIPE
Believe it’s money in the bank CREDIT
Cold joint plus seconds comprising accompaniment to 24 CHIPS
Dated bonnet that’s somewhat battered? OLDHAT
Document that’s a dead giveaway WILL
Far-flung kudos right for anyone’s puzzle SUDOKU
Female cops defect FLAW
For example holding five volts will make you smart SAVVY
Function for which Antipodean delivers apiary? BEHAVE
Ignore flash modem and call DEMAND
It isn’t commonly corrupt TAINT
Just pound off pants AWFUL
Main course? FISHDISH
Not melodic, lacking time, key and bar UNLESS
Our treat and responsibility ONUS
Part of outfit in which hot musician plays? SWEATBAND
Pushy me’s taken ‘a la Spooner’ side dish for 24 MUSHYPEAS
Rewound tape had back-to-front leader BUDDHA
Roles reversed in second part of ‘Crime and Punishment’ STRAP
Scrabble broken up by unknown author’s strict rules CANONLAW
Seaman drunk and confused ABLUSH
Sounds like leakier source of ink SEPIA
Spoils Yank HAUL
Strum sporadically alongside crooner’s pipes TUBING
Subordinate’s record duty-bound DEPUTY
Tan but ashen surprisingly SUNBATHE
Target part of cereal to make sweet ENDEAR
Traditional taste of Monbazillac is Salciccia knocked back CLASSICAL
Unknown in City to quit permissible working USABLE
Where stoned dons dine? HIGHTABLE