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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,146 – Dec 20 2018

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
1 soldier, British (a lieutenant) upset regiment GIBRALTAR
1/100, formerly ONCE
Apache helicopter paratroops’ departure call? GERONIMO
Bad hombre guzzling over a bottle REHOBOAM
Compere almost crushing supporter in bear-hug? EMBRACE
Connery’s Arab citadel where the vodka martinis aren’t free? CASHBAR
Enormous tunnel blown up with ammo MONUMENTAL
Force to accept two thousand in trade COMMERCE
Genius’s curt order for beer at the Oktoberfest? EINSTEIN
Highly-paid actor Ethel undressed Hudson THEROCK
Hit back, punching a notorious Roman baddie ANTIHERO
In Paris, my uncle loses second new lens MONOCLE
It might be part of green fee, touring Southern Corfu on vacation FESCUE
Lead with clubs; partner’s overweight CHUBBY
Legless chum, annoyed, bottles German barman SCHUMANN
Legside boundaries keeping everyone in a defensive position ONALLFOURS
Madame la Reine originally mixing confiture MARMALADE
Maeve’s exposed Irish island INCH
Mo __ bald head __ runs weekly HEBDOMADAL
Native American, similar to Caligula and his consul CRAZYHORSE
Phone card flipping low __ that’s a blow SIMOOM
Pressure on Hants opener without runs mounting __ lots of movement through the air here HEATHROW
Record drift in Scripture, English and arithmetic? REGISTER
Retiring Greek character garlanded with wild send-off FUNERAL
Stops lessons PERIODS
Stupid, like current 9? ASININE
Teacher married Daisy MASTER
The first spreadsheet entry goes here, pop COLA
What about about about a head? EACH
When mate’s expected on board? ENDGAME