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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,147 – Dec 21 2018

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Clues Answers
A way of cooking swine over scattered ashes CHASSEUR
Again go up wing on sports ground RECLIMB
Catch trousers, making hole in suit HEARTS
Children, drawing with coloured fluid, start to illustrate European capital STOTINKI
City cook overcome by advance payment for short story ANECDOTE
Did Labour once stray, backing Miliband Jnr? AGONISED
Family member tabloid caught in the act? SONINLAW
Georgia and Charlie are in line for bequest LEGACY
German agreed about ancient golf club being an exotic wood JACARANDA
Henry initially admitted to strain in period at work SHIFT
I’m surprised Carol on piano’s forgetting lines CORPSING
Informally grill fish above Queen’s Head BARBQ
Joe’s actual mother revealed in letter EVERYMAN
Log some of military raids northwards DIARY
Loose hair’s found sticking to unknown wine SHIRAZ
Male witch seen during day in European city THEHAGUE
Perhaps Victoria will join son Brooklyn’s neighbour QUEENS
Poet’s private place to risk meeting maiden in environs of Harlow? JOHNBETJEMAN
Religious movement’s topics regularly cited in dull retrospective TAOISM
Sarah’s heart is touched by rich old statesman ARAFAT
Senseless talk — Trump’s mouth action that’s typical of Donald? TWADDLE
Sexed-up ad involved duet PASDEDEUX
Si tracks taxi, half of them leaving ranks STRATA
Small space husband’s given, tucking into nuts and cheese EMMENTHAL
Soldier lavishly spent ages recollecting service TABLEWARE
Times secretary outside in storms needing alternative route BYPASS
Type of idyllic landscape having dark brown evergreen tree CHOCOLATEBOX
Unspecified eye trouble, the latest to be given priority, that’s stinging ZESTY