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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,148 – Dec 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Obliterated’ some of the bowling and got runs OVERSCORED
A king entertained by six with others providing wine VARIETAL
Abroad she joins game, having crossed lake in town ELLESMEREPORT
Bending to authority, playing on tour is a bind SUBORDINATION
Blokes accepting university name for chemical substance? MUTAGEN
Complete process for devaluing stock in report RIGHTDOWN
Cook to stop, having lost start of recipe BAKE
Father and grandma trapping island mammal SIRENIAN
Fellow, a solitary person going round about — or one with a flighty type? FALCONER
Fool making mess quietly GOOP
Garment of scientist given new hem CHEMISE
Greek character unexpectedly moronic OMICRON
I’d seem troubled with burden, beginning to crave to be this? DISENCUMBERED
Ineffectual types, not the foremost troublemakers IMPS
Mad fellow, one with a vocation to eliminate fish MANIACAL
Man maybe hiding behind identity, in a manner of speaking IDIOM
Mob there so unruly, causing trouble BOTHERSOME
Number in club ready to be transferred under pressure IRONON
Shout of surprise — two ducks found inside rubbish HOOEY
Show obeisance hearing the first man on the moon? KNEEL
Shrubs in shady ground either side of mountains HYDRANGEAS
Stranger offering glass in the bar? RUMMER
Tail-less parrot visible to all in what was Portuguese territory MACAU
Tending to go backwards in crises, ever falling short unfortunately RECESSIVE
The person looking at newspaper? Not the fellow who goes one step at a time TREADER
Those with cute chat slammed: ‘Stop beating about the bush!’ CUTTOTHECHASE
What’s said to feed physics unit DYNE
Work steadily, with inner guidance, making earnest entreaty PLEADINGLY