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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,151 – Jan 1 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
Advanced evidence of nearby sub taking off APING
Adventure novel in Latin and film SHEET
Attacker, idiot, upset social worker ASSAILANT
Bay under Californian city making you spend a fortune LASHOUT
Be responsible for old poem on Spain OVERSEE
Colonel in frenzied state about leaving Queen, say MUSTARD
Conjuror uses this cut to hold ace finally SLEIGHT
Copper is worthy of servicemen CURATES
Current hot and humid weather ultimately clouded over TOPICAL
Deal with ordinary tops from the east SEETO
Exhaust insult I spread DISSIPATE
Fermented ale among spring produce REALISE
Flag carried by those who win by daring travesties? SATIRES
Flyers who tweet left cases LARKS
For this reason Queen restricts short trips SORTIES
Head of dept once more almost irreverent PROFANE
I’m often seen in a cape and hope ruse runs and runs inside SUPERHERO
Jump on, say, flamenco dancer’s call for helping staff SKIPOLE
March and Left U-turns with an extra nothing TROOP
Missile one’s invested in going west PERISHING
Monster toll capping odd sections of road CHIMERA
Next to a hypotenuse ALONGSIDE
Part of telecoms system that’s at the heart of static in new tellies SATELLITE
Plaything Mac once tinkered with MECCANO
Soft-top, say, showing wear damage SPORTSCAR
Style succeeded getting into art gallery TASTE
This — can, therefore seen back around OPENS
Touching month turning over stuff dropped and scattered GUANO
Twelfth man’s coolness to get the game going again RESERVE
Upset list collecting by way of flyer AVIATOR
We review exactly what’s needed in unusual circs CRITICS
Young ‘un to gut fish STRIPLING