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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,153 – January 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Comradeship until the end of time, we hear! FRATERNITY
Cunning incorporating maturity with wisdom SAGELY
Edible crustacean, Marines catching the one in boat SHRIMP
Head admitting education flipping dull DEADEN
Lacking will to take Queen’s highway INTERSTATE
Moving empty incubator cutting cord STIRRING
New mountain climbing chart PLAN
Notch heartlessly cut by old man getting divorce SEPARATE
Oddly easier to take in course and pass ELAPSE
Officer reportedly shows soft heart KERNEL
Playful cats lacking energy in silence SKITTISH
Poor person born almost destitute on reflection BEGGAR
Quick hugs providing calm PACIFY
Relation accepting the past over and over BEYOND
Rigour of former exploit topping sex, you’d declared EXACTITUDE
Rising wave occasions course changes YAWS
Saint continued turning wicked people DEVILS
Sees sweetheart upset in bars ESTOPS
Skin is pale and light after vacation PELT
Some lover to neglect innuendo OVERTONE
Sound judge imprisons beak being brought up RESONATE
Speaks of bad habits without love VOICES
Starts to snivel or blubber, say SOBS
Steed is back restraining unbelievable performing STALLION
The cat fed, missing starters, becoming angry HEATED
Too French, outsiders switching positions and insulting project PROTRUDE
US military prison term with zero relapsing PENTAGON
Worrying girl’s finding ladder finally in hose DISTURBING