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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,156 – January 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Alcohol and tea cocktail? Novel! CIDERWITHROSIE
Asian king is drawn in by smashing pinata PAKISTANI
Careless bird nears cat, mad about tea mostly SCATTERBRAINED
Confines devil with prayers, nothing’s lost IMPRISONS
Defend student in former trouble EXPLAIN
Drake maybe very quiet in turning back RAPPER
English member and soldier is debonair ELEGANT
Error in entry about corrupt nature INACCURATENESS
Fake empty yarn about Tom? FELINE
Folding money initially pressed by old equipment — excellent! ORIGAMI
Former leader at first raw, excitable and good at nothing? REAGAN
Going round hospital, arrive at poor district GHETTO
Image software provides ways to enjoy view PICTUREWINDOWS
Inspect base under old dictator? EXAMINE
Intestinal bile actor is repressing ILEAC
Is M apparently put in the wrong film? MISCAST
Island queen, queen for northern Arab IRAQI
Joint stank less internally ANKLE
Last of all, engineers weapons taking over third of nation REARMOST
Lunatic gets eager for festival food EASTEREGG
Maintain criminal facing life, ultimately, is dead INANIMATE
Meet in harbour RECEIVE
Oil company drops Trump, perhaps, in drink ESPRESSO
Spinning good election? PIVOTING
Start of Jane Eyre, oddly, with lines about new repository of refined output JERRYCAN
With nitrogen displaced, vague about what’s at the core NUCLEAR
Youngster takes work, producing annoying advert POPUP
Zulu entering estate maybe is threatening at first for despotic supporter CZARIST