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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,158 – January 11 2019

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Clues Answers
A smelly sweet to eat AFTERSHAVE
Against moving to old capital of Chile SANTIAGO
Appropriate stuff to use down where you live? FEATHERONESNEST
Beat Marines when capturing most of Hythe RHYTHM
Bet clue’s composed in a rush SPECULATE
Big break that won’t happen FATCHANCE
Blank sign or empty boxes IGNORE
Empty box with shell-like interior CLEAROUT
Equally average entertainer? COMEDIAN
Grab the end of this, of course SNATCH
Kiss, as some animals do GRAZE
Lift next to waiting room LOBBY
Liking to write song PENCHANT
Miss a party GALA
Navigator needs a career, as all of us! ABELTASMAN
Of eye surgery, leading to spasm OPTIC
One’s spades put in dark sack DISMISSAL
Poorly one is glad to get by ALONGSIDE
Refuse to eat? OFFAL
Renovation papers rejected, in fact FACELIFT
Rope, one that pulls up? HALTER
Screen, if getting in the way SIFT
Start of fight put back or cancelled ROUNDONE
Staunch supporter? STEM
Story about airhead Scottish girl LASSIE
TV detective left for a bit MORSEL
Type of old film replaced in camera CINERAMA
Victim just needs time BUTT
Wax that’s powdery? FLOURISH