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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,164 – January 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Admonish salesperson on journey without purpose REPROVE
Bigger monarch gaining pounds? One uses butter FLATTERER
Bit about disgrace when a whole lot of information is needed DATABASE
Bone in the ear not right? Get excited STIRUP
Conservative in genuine move towards permanent peace TRUCE
Driver finally taking a wrong turn from busy road? RATRUN
European region is upsetting the French over one area SILESIA
Excellent artist winning gold award? TOPDRAWER
Expire, no longer in good health EXHALE
Forward types — people paid to keep quiet PROPS
From what we hear, not all are flexible in this county SOMERSET
Gentleman reportedly lavish, almost offering superfluity SURPLUS
Go wrong, putting last message into place the wrong way round TRIPUP
Group of friends have to abandon ship POSSE
However, two revolutionaries may be killed BUTCHERED
I must have moved slowly around — useless making creaking noise CREPITUS
Is son entertained by minister of religion most proper? PRISSIEST
It can demonstrate laws centred on moving NEWTONSCRADLE
Kind that may help angler catch fish GENTLE
New fir trees? Nothing for one to put new trees in! REFOREST
Novel about troubled lass, about a bounder ultimately getting one CLARISSA
One may cover the eyes with boyfriend coming round BANDEAU
One waited for move, the tiniest amount GODOT
Part I played with smugness, being good enough PASSINGMUSTER
Party in the courtroom LITIGANT
Press gently, penetrating muscles? That can bring feeling of anxiety ABDABS
Relation suffers, lacking a particular vitamin RETINOL
What may not be seen on cloudy night persistently bothers sailor DOGSTAR