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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,165 – January 24 2019

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Clues Answers
1’s in retirement rip-off SCAM
Act as agent for Milan team; team I’d put out first in Europe INTERMEDIATE
Amalgamated Co-op’s yellow streak? CHICKENRUN
Bates’ matriarch out of fashion for a year? Nonsense! MALARKY
Came round in casualty, having consumed Chinese pot AWOKE
Chopin, Rolling Stones covering comic book GRAPHICNOVEL
Church feature, behold, covered by two newspapers ORGANLOFT
Corporate action involving a new Head of Sales gets the bird MERGANSER
Dad’s off-break? It must be a new delivery PATERNITYLEAVE
Display feminine soft top for sexy thermals, say AIRFLOWS
Dodgy dealing reportedly at work in Shepton Mallet? INSIDERTRADING
Expressions of surprise about fashionable neighbourhood (or neighborhood) SOHO
Fire starts off difficult time ARDOUR
Gustav, on as a comedian, somewhat upset Giacomo CASANOVA
Inexpensive fashion is on the way MODEST
It’s St David’s Day, put on yellow flower MARIGOLD
Liberation! Benedictine on the house! FREEDOM
Malicious talk about council’s leader’s footwear SCANDAL
Monster with very funny name WYVERN
Old coin Wodehouse trousers following novel nine PFENNIG
Paddy serving up fortified wines STROP
Photography technique to record the speed of circuits being discussed TIMELAPSE
Rubbish singer who worked with M. Wilson? DROSS
Sung psalm getting husband in the pink CHORAL
Using common language, mum punches halfwit in charge IDIOMATIC
Walk aimlessly around Low Switzerland MOOCH
Waterproof mink coat found in jumble, small hole at the front MACKINTOSH
Without working Siri, straight line travelling taking ages ATLENGTH