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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,170 – February 1 2019

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Clues Answers
Ancient region, adversely breezy to the north ILLYRIA
Band, that played covers essentially, move with flamboyance SASHAY
Become more relaxed when blocked by the Spanish police THELAW
Cheer school raising money, unknown number content to help SCHNITZEL
Chef rearmost in kitchen allowing ales to be drunk NIGELLALAWSON
Company heartlessly level old wharf, without a mutual discourse COLLOQUY
Court favourite with fantastic later sequence of shots, some might say WALTERRALEIGH
Discussed slippery matter for European nation GREECE
Early Ford van’s last to have accommodated Charlie Christian ANGLICAN
Ex-footballer Yorke condemned article on Spain ROYKEANE
Fabric one detects on eccentric, without hesitation PIQUE
Finally, Amateur Theatre ticket — one near circle — reserved RETIRING
Heart of chinook catches branch left hanging INLIMBO
House to back what’s voiced in parliament? HOOT
Invaders originating here cross further into state SAXONY
Jim endlessly wears reflective casual shirt in lemon EEJIT
Lovely rum shot VOLLEY
Male lacrosse team, American, playing along with several sides HEXAGONAL
Net giant tropical fish swimming here AMAZON
Noise from Tamworth boozer’s commonest character — popular man OINKING
Not a sound hairdresser, principally lacking craft SHRIMPER
Note Glen, busy getting fifty per cent off Mini TEENSY
One sleeps around early afternoon perhaps, shown by clock? TWOTIMER
Second big house survey SCAN
Second check by John, reversing coach SCHOOL
Shop online, always bypassing queue ETAILER
Some of media led attack rejecting old consort ADELAIDE
Spread about bowls in clay, evenly firing to produce earthenware MAJOLICA
Well-known ace was captain FABLED
What siren may do, indicating game over, with everyone having to be first heading for exit ALLURE