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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,173 – February 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Agent soon to drop M’s predecessor, admitting fault EMISSARY
Blew with rear end emptied WAFTED
Bugs move in live atmosphere, circling BACTERIA
Bury, old city stop between Leeds and Manchester? INTERURBAN
Confine and execute COMMIT
Creature which is expert rolling in elegance PORPOISE
Digests cheese with strong smell initially BRIEFS
Dull tension, topless in bed MATTRESS
Graveyard church filled early missing regulars CEMETERY
Info delivered in broadcast SPREAD
Kick the thing, reportedly, and you’re dead! BUCKET
Kind offer TENDER
Lift European tax, in part raised ELEVATOR
Lively, oddly speedy about split up over sex SPIRITED
Manuscript hides unwritten code? MORALS
Motor set up without new key CARDINAL
One keeps beat keeping time finally for ‘Revolver’ PEACEMAKER
Pretty pass keeps sweetheart crazy over French ladies MESDAMES
Register and take notice seeing lean behind ENLIST
Regrets aside about mounting misfortune DISASTER
Right milk-giving animal has one steer using this? RUDDER
Saucy show includes ‘the lot’, naked INDELICATE
Starts to feed excessively and scoffs, taking seconds FEASTS
Take part divided by fifty to produce whole COMPLETE
This hones blade and skins in grand condition GRINDSTONE
Troll acquires first-person shooter link LIGATURE
Waits ages catching the French retreating DELAYS
Work in silence here? MUSEUM