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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,176 – February 13 2019

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Clues Answers
& 23 Across Hatred and rage Left conjured up for monarch ALFRED
A record is kept by French author who may explore a particular line GENEALOGIST
Cornered in a seaside borough, soldiers needing to escape ATBAY
Darling daughter, serious but heartless DEAREST
Dog beginning to munch a foreign dish CHOWMEIN
Good weapon — it has a metallic lustre GLANCE
Hope maybe to acquire expensive stuff, making uncertain movement? BOBBLING
In speech nails a few words CLAUSE
Joke act, duet being funny, given marks PUNCTUATED
Mark made by caveman, made but half obliterated STIGMA
National guards would be organised by Louis and me? DARTAGNAN
Northern city characters turning up to eat a northern fish SANDEEL
Person briefly in the office gets man captivated TEMPTED
Remove certain content from paper containing bad English FILLET
River and lake subside FALL
Scavenger’s beginning to make off with waste material SPILLAGE
Second drink? It may make you see spots STIPPLE
Skill rendering sort of musical passage FORTE
Someone in field having party — there’s slight resentment about that MIDOFF
Sponsor wanting party on the up, what you’d expect in civilised chap GODPARENT
Swear as member drowning in beer ALLEGE
Teacher shortly gathering chaps not initially held in music class TENUTO
This writer making comeback — this writer’s getting award EMMY
Trifle recipe for getting lad fed? FIDDLEFADDLE
Unstable type, artist taking drug, one with nothing, is given therapy inside RADIOISOTOPE
What could get one avoiding a subject ultimately? DIVAGATION