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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,180 – February 20 2019

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Clues Answers
Against introducing one live percussion instrument VIBES
Air ace unsettled patriot holding Bible PAVAROTTI
An Italian city and southern capital ANNAPOLIS
Base has cargo brought round front LEADING
Big limo or convertible in massive jam IMBROGLIO
Books returned in totally tropical paradise ATOLL
Bottom fan in ship, American, initially cut out TITANIA
Buoy, made with clay, but hard on top HEARTEN
Ceremony requires a severe hairstyle POMPADOUR
Clouds from high blue area gathered in north-east NEBULAE
Current understanding serves as example IDEAL
Dog that is sent back after biting SHARPEI
Finding energy in a can, dined at home ATEIN
German newspaper article drawn up freely ADLIB
Giant pig carrying dog around GOLIATH
Heartburn Pepys said should be treated DYSPEPSIA
Here plant growth may be seen in graph done wrongly HOPGARDEN
Hint given about one error in French cooking CUISINE
Late shift perhaps in close connection NIGHTIE
Leave spouse in Bow and settle equitably GODUTCH
Man United having to manage wisely HUSBAND
Old soldier fired in anticipation HOPLITE
Predict charge to cover valued metal sources FORESEE
Problem for walker on island, needing sign CAPRICORN
Ready to excuse faults in largely boring chap INDULGENT
Refusal to receive Liberal is picked up in letter EPSILON
Rod following obese man sent north DISTAFF
Short story being broadcast, one that grips TALON
Sound tip for music writer LISZT
Speaker’s expression, crude perhaps, bringing disorder TURMOIL
Spirit seen in March and November DEMON
Young man breaking bread for French champion PALADIN