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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,186 – March 1 2019

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Clues Answers
A flexible-sounding plant? ALYSSUM
After golf, wet snap may be so hard to define GRAINY
Boy on back by you SECONDPERSON
Butt boxer, say, that’s close DOGEND
Calming down clumsy Russian cutting what’s on plate? REASSURING
Charles knocked around base labourer a long time ago HERACLES
Cheerful jumbo heading off south of river RIANT
Daisy steers very well, avoiding poles OXEYE
Die without one’s true love PASSION
Drinks in filthy place with dreadful urinals outside RUSTYNAILS
Flag from whiskey, getting behind WAFT
Friend about to follow one who’s easily manipulated LAPDOG
Hearty entertainment as Senate is organised outside hotel SEASHANTIES
I’d agree no woman should be opposed YESMAN
Killer from ancient city hiding in endless wasteland DESTROYER
Lawless controller of estate, say? JOYRIDER
Left in a butt, almost getting free ATLARGE
Lift English tax, in part to be returned ELEVATOR
Liquidised half of joint with sweet coating PUREED
Make attractive as wear and tear do? ENDEAR
Noble archbishop gutted in high-level cover-up? EARLAP
Old family doctor heading for Ipswich MEDICI
Partly mark out round pods OKRA
Payments from advice in dispatches STIPENDS
Stooping wife facing OTT malevolent spells? DOUBLEWHAMMY
Tormenting, as crossword compilers are supposed to BESETTING
Trick and get new fitting CONDIGN