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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,190 – March 8 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
Books about Geordie accent TONE
Cliff perhaps on London area journal, reviewed sporting event HIGHLANDGAMES
Criminal activities that are often slammed in court RACKETS
Dicky records the historic town DORCHESTER
Extremely merry jerk outside is telling tales JOLLIEST
Fabled detective frisking hotel croupier HERCULEPOIROT
Firm moving rapidly? Don’t scoff FAST
Found in flat, a flier supporting clubs offering underground rock STALACTITE
From the inside, a store rejected creativity ABINTRA
Group of characters online having awkward time getting hold of old fiddle EMOTICON
Harvest festival item maybe allowed by brothers linked to church LETTUCE
I agree to entertain playing Frenchman YVES
In retreat, zebra cub mastered imbibing strong drink SAMBUCA
Lawyer starts to broach suspect’s fingerprint DABS
Lover in mini in The Star in new fashion SWEETHEART
One usually outside pub announced fashionable function INNSIGN
Rat runs out beyond rubbish pile in end passage EPILOGUE
Relations on our side mean to visit ancient region WESSEX
Scan buckle — it half comes off footwear ANKLET
Set of steps heard by female entrant filling out technical document STYLESHEET
Shakespearean character, regularly comical, accepting help to diversify OPHELIA
Sly person’s the first to withdraw support for artist WEASEL
Sort of blood seen around clothes item shortly needing white spirit BACARDI
Type of bike shopper needs to obtain new measuring device QUADRANT
Very posh puppet, primarily seen in series like Basil Brush? VULPINE
Wine centres in fashion? Crazy SHIRAZ
Worried about keeping golden bit by Bergman, when cutting film EDUCATINGRITA
Year C possibly given detention for discussing how heavy Miss might be HUNDREDWEIGHT