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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,192 – March 13 2019

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Clues Answers
Aggressive corporation cut short one company’s enquiry, initially BELLICOSE
Brag once mob from pub ask all to strip for bitter RANCOROUS
Daughter ate out in film THEGRADUATE
Dishonest dealer in skyscraper, one who moans according to Spooner CARDSHARPER
Divine beings enthralling ancient city — they’re fruity! GOURDS
Earlier test of the country PASTORAL
Get up and complain having missed golf ROUSE
Group of bluesmen playing on base, but not for all ENSEMBLE
Inclination to secure right education LEARNING
It’s a slight waste, removing lines SLUR
Keep talking of game with no name RUNON
King maybe showing love isn’t working NOVELIST
Like a brother perhaps getting hold of wife’s last £500 MONKEY
Make a turnover that’s somewhat stupendous UPEND
Mick or Keith, the compiler of this puzzle? Crikey! STONEME
Minister in hospital ran about, the result of overdoing it HANGOVER
Missing nothing in something boring AWOL
Nan’s family — and what they might wear GOATSKIN
Old tease provided backing for musical character FIGARO
One with the hump about artist? That’s sweet CARAMEL
Pensioner told off Queen having adopted son OLDSTER
Person unlucky in love could be this broken HEART
Praised first piece of gammon cooked fried with oil GLORIFIED
Representative of one dealing in bicycle wheels? SPOKESMAN
Roadie regularly cheers accompaniment RAITA
Savour memory stifled by teetotallers AROMA
Swimmer seen in large empty aquarium before game LAMPREY
Trouble Bond’s boss’s boss about India MISCHIEF
Vegetable to stick in shelter LEGUME
Very young scout with story for a convert BELIEVER