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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,193 – March 14 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
… cowboy’s mount, Lucky, being inclined to recklessness TRIGGERHAPPY
… violence and dreadful criminality — resistance is initially futile MILITANCY
A slice of brioche, eh? Awesome in Bray HEEHAW
After Christ embraces people, there’s change AMEND
Best bit of acrobat’s performance? HIGHSPOT
Boundary stall leads to argument HEDGEROW
Civilisation’s plunging into frenzied … INCANDESCENT
Counter sailor with a short profanity ABACUS
Fillet going off? MOULDING
Fully back service when recruiting Newton — then see ENTIRELY
It can be scorching in Estonia, from time to time ETNA
Mark, look, steer’s corralled COLON
Most powerful, content only for some years EIGHTIES
Moving north, husband and dad start to breed whopping rhubarb GIBBERISH
Mysterious store detective thrown out — not vetted unfortunately ESOTERIC
One echoing 10, like ‘Hoy!’ ISLE
Passage where ‘I will’ may be heard? AISLE
Pepper plants ‘Desire’, putting sticks around CAYENNES
Ponies fit to travel, notwithstanding … INSPITEOF
Primness when undressing is comparatively unsophisticated RUDER
Resort theatre with character REPAIR
Ruminant featured in many a landscape NYALA
Single housing worker becomes redundant UNWANTED
Sister vicious at heart going to ambassador NUNCIO
Some of life’s essentials — nothing French — included in crazy stunt NUTRIENTS
Squandered arrival time thus? ATEUP
Superb actor in variety leaving commentaries for ‘Review’ IMMENSE
They leave EU next, possibly EXEUNT
Tom’s call is about a day somewhere grassy MEADOW
Trump in South Carolina, and heading for York, dishevelled SCRUFFY