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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,195 – March 19 2019

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Clues Answers
A Greek character with skill overturned shock TRAUMA
A rugby player, very large, is well-chosen APROPOS
After caper, old Detective Sergeant stands for cameras? TRIPODS
Be tense during windy noises — good luck BESTWISHES
Behaved like invaders, possibly being cornered? ANGLED
Bit of toast, perhaps, cold and kind of red? CRUST
Bread while seated in church CASH
Case which needs objective prosecuting ACCUSATIVE
Cold cream I replaced in china cup, for example CERAMIC
Go round with rapscallion WHEEL
Goddess that makes the story exciting or sinks TETHYS
Hotshot getting to grips with hard hurt ACHE
In favour of female head of dept at uni PROF
Instrument of heartless caustic criticism VIOL
Judge tries this jacket CASE
Lawmaker improperly hosting party for US singer MEADOWLARK
Mediaeval pluckers sit with lust boiling LUTISTS
Most slight English in terminal LEAST
Musical soirĂ©e? WI enjoy this when they’re not singing? JAMSESSION
One who backs husband against narrow-minded sort? BETTERHALF
Recall grasping fat lady? DIVA
Singular, grim chip SHARD
Small, needing to get dispatched to be trained SKILLED
Son enthralled by occasional amount of dollars? FISTFUL
Sort of trout I tucked into a brown liquid RAINBOW
Steward has sorties at sea AIRHOSTESS
Supplier of clean gas concerning new airports RESPIRATOR
Tasteless ornamentation also in military show TATTOO
Tip at the east end of Derby, say, makes you disgruntled CHEESEDOFF
Turncoat’s ultimate aim? TREASON
Uniform case finally dumped EVEN
Ushered back I find some delights in this shop DELI