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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,196 – March 20 2019

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Clues Answers
A gypsy man that’s caught on the rebound CAROM
Animal with gross exterior gets one staring GAPER
Bank document with particular colour and with particular design CHEQUERED
Brown water in which Greek character is immersed SEPIA
Conservative perhaps wanting a strategy immediately RIGHTAWAY
Express identity with introductory chat RAPID
Following summary, see without a doubt PRECISELY
Food in tin served up, spicy but lacking first hint of taste NACHO
Girls heading off, not the most sensible types ASSES
Good tendrils could excite this type of plant expert DENDROLOGIST
Hear a sound sound CREAK
Historian has time to celebrate American getting rid of king TREVELYAN
Hospital food served up in Scottish town once BURGH
How to start preparing soup? Assess the situation TAKESTOCK
Insects would get this holy man outside South American capital MOSES
Iron Lady exuding energy repeatedly PRESS
Journalists in shed, first to last HACKS
Like worker returning home from night shift years ago? BACKINTHEDAY
Maiden squeezed by thin old lover LEMAN
One helping senior copper outside Dover? SUPPORTER
Phone everyone, be involved to stir a distant memory? RINGABELL
Plant, say, found on island? Eagle circles round it AQUILEGIA
Shabby message from a happy early bird? WORMEATEN
Shape of abandoned ship reportedly on seaweed RECTANGLE
Skilled speakers that may give heroic rants, I fancy RHETORICIANS
Stupor by battle site after soldiers protest REMONSTRANCE
Swap parts one’s wrongly positioned TRANSPOSE
This writer’s suffering setback, crazy and getting on EMBARKING