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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,204 – April 3 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
& 11 Across What many Ecuadorian truckers must do to annoy? DRIVE
‘Buy any?’ posed by odd characters in Arles and, say, Venice and Whitstable festivals BIENNIALS
A wrong meaning ASIN
Ample fog to stir up total disaster MEGAFLOP
Bill that amuses by getting on court OLDBAILEY
Butt of cigar ekes out smokes REEKS
Cute revolutionary Cubist swapping sides in Cork CHERUBIC
Diplomacy is about key game plan TACTICS
Disadvantage in a sleep being disrupted PENALISE
Fish hook BARB
Flapping about like Rupert’s trousers? The opposite UNCHECKED
Heartless Blue Peter clip playing on YouTube perhaps PERCEPTIBLE
How the French describe their own intellect NOUS
Hypocrisy and spite I’m battling PIETISM
Impractical person’s to-do file IDEALIST
In biryani, mismatched items from nature providing soul food? ANIMISM
Love not left in grimly acted out drama TRAGICOMEDY
Most guarded and, so it’s said, most like literary king LEERIEST
Online chat about ear, nose and throat, but teeth? None EDENTATE
Overturn fork out where yew is called for to replace what’s left of spruce UPEND
See 9 Across BANANAS
Sent back in Marxist Vietnam, second left-of-centre leader COMMANDER
Source of Old Trafford’s talent production line? MANUFACTORY
Spectacular opening to album in ‘Rolling Stones in LA’ SENSATIONAL
They’re on track to win ATHLETES
This may have a bearing on one’s progress COMPASS
Tizzes over fizz SODA
Vegetable knife cut tell-tale rejected outside leaves LETTUCE
With end of Satanism, Lucifer may become forgiving MERCIFUL
Writer leaves legendarily faithful wife to do a moonlight flit ELOPE