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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,207 – April 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Alcohol-free drinks bad — wicked stuff DEVILRY
Arrow tip POINTER
Call to come down hard HAIL
Celebration featured noble man GALAHAD
Company turning out with rep TROUPE
Dwarf somewhat taller? That’s a compromise HAPPYMEDIUM
Exciting work uniting assistant and painter PAGETURNER
Following wicket a cheer, match abandoned due to rain? WASHOUT
Involved with India, not abroad INTO
More than one saw drifter entering pubs with university dropout? PROVERBS
News broadcast on air, not if interrupted by spy boss INFORMATION
Nick wearing flag, hopeful WANNABE
Number like two in farm building SEVENTY
One supplying pork pies in bar on the counter LIAR
Originally, mess inside a ground tidied up, one putting loads away? GOURMAND
Period of wind, something shining above? AUGUST
Personal design, rubbish as well TATTOO
Principal source of profit CAPITAL
Raised, say, in the north of the city? UPSTATE
Someone I’d fancy to save cash initially — did just that? ECONOMISED
Stick poster on crossword? ADHERE
The vowel ‘U’ THEE
Tied up in dispute there, divorcee TETHERED
Unfortunately the ratings very upsetting SHATTERING
Voice least surprisingly featured in newspaper obit’s introduction FALSETTO
Where satellite dish may be free ONTHEHOUSE