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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,211 – April 16 2019

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Clues Answers
Awfully cute rare animal CREATURE
Bad holiday home overlooks fine house essentially VILLAINOUS
Clash mostly over slang JARGON
Content of dispatch in diplomatic language HINDI
Disdains tea dance gathering as an alternative option INSTEAD
Doctor, for instance, in period of residency OCCUPATION
Each month husband anticipates club perhaps rejecting old-fashioned coins DRACHMAE
Every sled run is different? Absolutely UNRESERVEDLY
Flexible review of transaction with endless credit ELASTIC
Flood of ugly truths at heart GLUT
Fools succeeded being promoted, that’s an unexpected development TWIST
Had argument after coat becoming creased FURROWED
Having change of direction, quick to put on sporting event WIMBLEDON
Heading away from work of Michelangelo deeply enthusiastic AVID
Material about love chaplain oddly suppresses CALICO
One offering compensation concerning scratched piece of furniture DRESSER
Outrageous if one child goes behind teacher’s back RICH
Paid to keep secret what one did making Bush appear smart? PRUNED
Pioneer way to get friend mobile PATHFINDER
Plant of Scotsman breaking new record CORIANDER
Popular soldier behind the scenes INPRIVATE
Pursuing trouble in Hertfordshire town TRAILING
Queen maybe takes Queen at the end of game fifty RULER
Stick is occasionally handy where wife goes ADHERE
Suspect a rapper has to express words differently PARAPHRASE
T-shirt, say, thrown over by salt pool JACKPOT
To the French it’s more advantageous PLUS
Touchy student visiting exhibition is upset and very irritable ultimately EXPLOSIVE
Trained professional restoring nice portrait PRACTITIONER
Vast quantity of liquid applied when sunbathing topless, reportedly OCEAN