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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,219 – April 30 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
Aides working privately ASIDE
Attractive area, very quiet venue of film studio APPEALING
Barely sufficient society, principally one advancing cash SLENDER
Boxer on day of victory demonstrating chi? ALIVE
Brief union COMPACT
Clumsy homeopaths dropping the prepared cleansing liquid SHAMPOO
Contents of upset muscadet cask produced an effect ACTED
Cunningly nested gem cleaved into sections SEGMENTED
Delegated group to reach around a little bit over time COMMITTEE
Doubtfully ethical, involving separate new chapter requiring special knowledge TECHNICAL
Estimate consequence of ancient Briton consuming Chianti, say PREDICT
First language one recalled going round Italy INITIAL
Fliers love victims on board OSPREYS
Framework we’re filling involving new drudgery GRIND
Fugitive freezes, regularly skirting smoky atmosphere on end of ridge REFUGEE
Grease-monkeys in disastrous mischance MECHANICS
Grunting sound of shattered prophet quitting Hamlet’s castle SNORE
Head of corporation’s serious, undergoing change of heart MAYOR
Indecent fuss in support of former pupil OBSCENE
Jumps up to find what might be after Alice? SPRINGS
Leader fit to stop first son CAPTAIN
Leader of tour intercepting hapless laggers who’d ultimately wandered from group STRAGGLED
Lusted-after teacher caught in act DESIRED
Most important person is turning to face the Queen, becoming louder? NOISIER
Nine tricks of a rabbit mating display? ABUNDANCE
Put out about female getting sack RIFLE
Remedies of powerful Italian family head cut back MEDICINES
Requires massages, it’s said NEEDS
Short drink, certain to be of specified size MEASURE
Suspected pirate died having penned lines SMELLED
Synthetic, mouldable material; it’s making a comeback in building, mostly PLASTIC
When owls fly in a gallant manner, we’re told NIGHTLY