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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,220 – May 1 2019

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Clues Answers
2 could be more furious when losing head ADDER
Assange rethinks getting new disguise — as Judas? SNAKEINTHEGRASS
Assist American (Yankee, possibly) ABET
Auntie swings both ways BEEB
Authorise one with debts to pursue English politician EMPOWER
Blackout frequently cut off capital city BAKU
Complaint made by the German escaping train crash AILMENT
Dish of the day seen regularly in Pigalle: starter of tossed mushrooms SPECIAL
Established contacts edited dailies LIAISED
Free-trade agreement covering European cheese? FETA
Headcase split support for student? BEANBAG
Hurricane’s tip would have hit this in Sheffield? CUEBALL
Kept these dust covers off ancient temple site EPHESUS
Like locum Edward, having been whistled at? TEMPTED
Messi going on a mazy run outside area, the ultimate in balance, like a cat SIAMESE
Mother’s keeping black serpent MAMBA
Moving, self-aware, mortal work by earnest-sounding individual AFAREWELLTOARMS
News: sergeant’s back to guard one with certain kind of connection TIDINGS
Note placed in pop-up shop selling Gitanes in Folies Bergère? CABARET
Officer classes left GENERAL
One appearing head over heels to be accepted by ‘Cantab’ — or Cambridge — in retirement ACROBAT
One guiding southern sailor? STAR
Overturn vintage sports car smuggling gold in US territory GUAM
Permit kiss outside Buxton? BUSPASS
Punk movement rejecting old Republicans POGO
Savings book RESERVE
Six through 14? VIPER
Space to tie up, travelling north ROOM
Take firm hold of king cobra? GRASP
The cut-price seller’s seller, so to speak? BARGAINBASEMENT
Theresa’s Euro writ: I must leave shambles and show some leadership? WEARTHETROUSERS
Time magazine copies not to be sneezed at? Au contraire! TISSUES